Winter can be a cruel time for your feet as the cold weather can cause a myriad of problems to develop:

  • Raynaud’s disease or Raynaud’s phenomenon is a common condition in which the cold abnormally constricts blood vessels, causing your toes and/or fingers to become painfully cold or even numb.
  • Those with a loss of sensation from neuropathy caused by diabetes or other causes, often can’t feel the cold and their feet are much more susceptible to injury or frostbite.
  • Poor circulation or an under active thyroid cause the feet to become painfully cold and sometimes dangerously so.
  • Chilblains (also known as Pernio) is a condition in which excessive cold can cause painful, inflamed and itchy red areas with blistering around toes.

Even if you don’t have any of the above problems, it’s not uncommon in winter to have cold feet (especially at night). It’s also quite common for the skin on your feet and legs can become dry, scaly, itchy, inflamed, raw and cracked (fissured) during the cold months. This is not only uncomfortable and at times quite painful, but raw, cracked or fissured skin can easily lead to infections.

Cold Feet

At the Westwood Foot Clinic in Golden Valley, MN, we have the solutions to your winter foot problems:

  • Special prescription medications for Raynauds that can make your feet (and hands) comfortably warm.
  • Doppler ultrasound to evaluate the circulation in your feet to determine if referral to a vascular specialist is necessary.
  • Fitting and dispensing of shoes and a full line of warm, lined winter boots, especially for diabetics, poor circulation and difficult to fit feet.
  • Infracare socks that can raise the skin temperature of your feet to normal.
  • Heatholders socks that are 7x warmer than the average cotton sock-to keep your feet toasty warm.
  • Special creams and ointments that can dissolve dry, cracked skin and that hold moisture in, to keep your feet and legs soft and comfortable.
  • Special foot brushes for during and after showering- for those who have difficulty bending.

At the Westwood Foot Clinic, we can get your feet through this winter by helping to keep them feeling warm, soft, comfortable and healthy, thus helping to prevent many of the foot problems associated with our cold Minnesota weather.

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