Winter’s cold, ice and snow will be with us for a while longer and at times can make for more treacherous walking conditions. The icy obstacles can present challenges for anyone. It’s especially worse for those who are older, have mobility problems or are less flexible. And all it takes is one accident-just one slip and fall on the ice to cause serious injury that can impact your life for a long time afterwards.

In fact, accidental falls from “Mother Nature” are the leading cause of injury across all age groups over the age of 25. Falling on ice or snow can cause injuries such as fractures, back problems, strains, sprains, contusions, concussions-all of which can have long-term consequences.


Slipping on snow or ice is not always avoidable…but whether you are just walking down your front or side steps, your driveway or walking a short distance outside, snow cleats can provide the traction you need to prevent a devastating slip and fall! They attach to most shoes or boots while being easy to put on & take off.

(photo credit: Bryan Nordley)

At the Westwood Foot Clinic we have a few varieties of Snow Cleats in different sizes with prices ranging from $7-$20 per pair. It’s a small investment with the potential to prevent serious injury. Act smart and be prepared this winter. Stop by our clinic today to get your pair of snow cleats while supplies last!

unnamedOur clinic also has a variety of other cold weather solutions for your feet including special creams for dry, cracked skin as well as special Heat Holder socks and winter boots to keep your feet toasty warm.

Click Here or call us now @ (763) 231-2341 if you have any questions regarding the snow cleats, other cold weather solutions for your feet, or to schedule an appointment for any other foot problem you may have. Dr. Thomas Silver is one of the best podiatrists in the Twin Cities area. Same & next day appointments are often available.