Child Running InjuriesMost parents want their child to have fashionable, quality footwear but the choice of shoes sometimes causes more harm than good for your child’s feet. Research has shown that more than 29% of kids are wearing footwear that is “unsuitable.” It revealed that young girls are under the most pressure to wear expensive “fashionable” shoes like high heels, ballet pumps and flip-flops with poor support, which can harm young feet. In addition, 55% of children in one study suffered injuries because of poor shoe fit and lack of proper support.

Ill-fitting shoes can cause problems from minor blisters to infection and foot deformities. Children’s feet will be much more vulnerable to damage than adults. Fortunately, quality, healthy footwear doesn’t have to be a challenge to find or an expensive undertaking.

Look for lightweight, cushioned shoes with breathable material and plenty of room. Avoid hand-me-down shoes that are already worn down. On average, your growing child’s shoes will need to be replaced every 3-6 months. Watch for signs of excessive shoe wear, any areas of irritation on the feet and signs of pain such as limping. Also, listen to children’s complaints such as sore, aching or tired feet.

Dr. Thomas Silver, at the Westwood Foot Clinic in Golden Valley is an expert in pediatric foot care. He can provide guidance, clear treatment solutions and answers to questions regarding any foot problem your child may have. Foot pain is not normal, especially for children, and anytime your child complains of foot pain it is essential that they are seen as soon as possible by Dr. Silver.

You can trust Dr. Silver and the staff at the Westwood Foot Clinic to take care of your child’s feet! They are experienced with children of all ages…including some of the most frightened and anxious. Dr. Silver is a member of Children’s Hospital Physician Network and is the foot specialist that many local pediatricians trust to take care of their patient’s foot problems.

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