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Our services are covered by most insurance plans but it is best to let us know what your insurance plan is when scheduling your appointment. Dr. Silver’s practice covers all aspects of family foot care: children, athletes, adults, and seniors. He is the only podiatrist in the Minneapolis area who is on the Children’s Physician Network and treats a variety of children’s foot problems.


He treats runners and others with athletic injuries, especially those needing to be fitted with Rx. foot orthotics. He performs surgical correction of bunions, hammertoes, corns and other painful foot conditions.Senior and diabetic foot care is also a large part of his practice. Dr. Silver is also on staff at the HealthSouth Centennial Lakes Same Day Surgery Center in Edina (7373 France Ave.) where he performs surgery that requires sedation, special equipment, or is more extensive then can be performed in the office.

The office is equipped with:

Dr. Silver demonstrates an X-Ray machineDigital X-rays: Special for Feet and Ankles

• Diagnostic ultrasound for evaluation of soft tissue and joint problems

• Vascular testing for evaluation for circulation problems

• Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

• Provider for coverage with Medicare to fit and dispense shoes and inserts for diabetics as well as pre-fabricated and Rx.

• Fabricated foot/ankle braces (AFO).

What We Treat

At the Westwood Foot Clinic, we treat many foot and ankle problems. Dr. Silver’s philosophy is to try conservative treatment before surgery in most cases.

“I have had many patients that were scheduled for surgery by another doctor come to me for a second opinion. For many of these I was able to correct their problem non-surgically.”

Dr. Silver has a referral network of the top doctors in the Twin Cities for patients needing more extensive reconstructive foot or ankle procedures, orthopedic or vascular surgery.

We Offer Medical or Surgical Treatment of:

Heel Pain and Arch Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

Dr. Silver specializes in the treatment of chronic and acute plantar fasciitis. He uses several conservative (non-surgical) methods of treatment with a 90-95% success rate. Stubborn cases may require a minimally invasive procedure that stimulates healing of the sore plantar fascial tissue that attaches to the heel, with excellent long term results and little down time. If surgery is necessary, this can be performed in the clinic. Surgery typically has an 86% success rate but is only done when all other treatments have failed.


A bunion is a bump on the outer side of the big toe joint with the toe leaning against the next toe. Surgical correction necessary when:

1) The bunion becomes painful

2) There is an increasing deformity causing other problems

3) The bunion causes problems in finding shoes that fit comfortably

Patients requiring surgery often will present all three of the above problems. Dr. Silver employs a number of different techniques for surgical correction, depending on the deformity, with excellent long term results. Bunion surgery is usually performed at Health South Centennial Lakes Same Day Surgery Center in Edina.

Sports Medicine of the Foot & Ankle

Runners and other athletes experience a wide range of problems, from ingrown nails and blood blisters under the nail, to ankle sprains, shin splints, and fractures. As a runner and cyclist, Dr. Silver understands the frustration of injuries that prevent you from comfortably participating in the activities you enjoy the most.

Treatment of problems unique to athletes is geared towards speedy rehabilitation as well as injury prevention. Dr. Silver can fit you with Rx. foot orthotics, which are often necessary to balance the feet and prevent chronic injuries. Dr. Silver is a member of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, Minnesota Distance Runners Association (MDRA) and the Twin Cities Bicycling Club (TCBC). He was the podiatrist for the Twin Cities Marathon for many years and has also completed the marathon.

Flat Feet, Fallen Arches, “Overly Pronated” and “Chronically Tired/Painful Feet

This is a common problem that we see in children who are in sports that require a lot of running and in adults who stand or walk a lot in their job. Often the demand of sports or the long hours on your feet at work will strain the feet causing pain, especially if your feet are weak or not balanced properly. If the problem is coming from an imbalanced or weak foot structure then Rx. foot orthotics (along with the right shoes, which Dr. Silver can help you determine) will often be the answer to happy, pain-free feet.

Plantar Warts

Treatment methods consist of either application of a chemical to “kill off” the wart virus or “excision & curettage”. There is a very high success rate with these methods. Dr. Silver will determine which treatment is best for you. He doesn’t like “long, drawn-out treatments” and neither do his patients, so he will try to get rid of your warts as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Ingrown and/or Deformed Toenails

This is one of the most common problems treated in our clinic. Permanent correction of ingrown toenails or removal of a deformed or fungus toenail is a simple office procedure that takes only a few minutes. Dr. Silver has a permanent correction success rate of 97%!


A neuroma (Morton’s neuroma) is a condition that arises when the nerve between the toe bones in the ball of the foot gets irritated and swells with possible rubbery callus-like growth around the nerve. Patients often complain of shooting, tingling, burning or knife-like pain in the ball of their foot. X-rays and/or Diagnostic Ultrasound are often used to evaluate the problem.

90-95% of the neuromas that Dr. Silver treats are eliminated without surgery. A small portion of the nerve between the toes is surgically removed for the occasional neuroma that does not respond to conservative care.

Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are areas of hard skin that occur often due to excessive pressure or friction. Calluses are usually found on the bottom of the foot, often in the ball. Corns are found on the toes, commonly from bent or crooked toes and usually develop on the toe knuckle or between the toes from a small bone spur.

Change of shoe type and/or trimming of a corn or callus can temporarily relieve discomfort. Most corns and calluses can be permanently corrected by Dr. Silver with a surgical procedure, often performed in the clinic, with minimal down time. In cases where surgery isn’t possible due to health or circulation concerns, a special cushioned foot orthotic or pre-fabricated “Ped Pillow” insole with pressure modifications can help alleviate the callus pain. Toe crests or toe separators can help alleviate corn pain. These items are available for sale in our clinic.

Bent or Crooked Toes (Hammertoes, Claw Toes, Mallet Toes)

Bent or crooked toes are often unsightly and can develop painful corns or pressure sores from tight shoes or the toe sticking up or outwards against the shoe. If a change in shoes does not alleviate the problem and there is good circulation in the toes, then often a simple 15 minute office procedure can correct this. Patients are often able to wear their regular shoes afterwards.

Diabetic Feet

It is vital that diabetics are committed to taking proper care of their feet. With diabetes there is an increased risk of foot infection and skin ulcerations, which can lead to gangrene or amputation, especially if circulation or sensation has changed. Common problems such as corns, calluses, hammertoes, and ingrown or deformed toenails can become a much more serious problem for diabetics. Regular foot care and knowing who to go to if a problem does develop can help to prevent more serious foot problems. A large percentage of Dr. Silver’s patients are diabetic and he understands what it takes to keep their feet healthy. The clinic also supplies and fits patients with diabetic shoes and inserts which Medicare and other insurance plans often pay for once a year.


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