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Why Prescription Orthotics?

If you are like most people, you have probablypurchased a pair (or several pairs) of store bought arch supports/shoe inserts to get your sore feet feeling better. For some or you these may have helped but for others it didn’t help at all. If you have tried store boughtarch supports for foot pain but they haven’t helped, then maybe you need prescription foot orthotics from Dr. Silver.

So..what is the difference between arch supports and prescription foot orthotics?

Store bought inserts can certainly help alleviate sore feet that need some support and/or cushioning.  But, if you have any structural, postural imbalance such as scoliosis, one leg longer than the other (which about 70% of the population have to some degree), have arthritis or a weak, flexible foot structure, then prescription foot orthotics are for you. They are especially helpful in alleviating foot pain such as plantar fasciitis (heel pain) or aching arches.

Benefits of Prescription Orthotics

 By properly positioning and aligning your joints and muscles, orthotics can decrease the chance of developing future foot problems such as bunions and hammertoes as well as preventing arthritis in your feet, ankles, knees or hip joints. The ultimate goal of prescription foot orthotics is to help keep you walking, running, standing, and exercising pain-free.

Unlike over-the-counter arch supports, prescription orthotics are made by a lab that specializes in foot orthotics. They are made directly from impressions of your feet.  Similar to prescription eye glasses for weak eyes, those of you needing prescription orthotics will function much more comfortably and will realize how uncomfortable you have been without them.

Orthotics and Foot Problems

Orthotics are a must for those with flat-arched or high-arched feet or those having foot issues such as achy feet, pain or changes in your foot structure such as hammertoes and bunions. Orthotics are often necessary for those with diabetes as they can reduce or eliminate pressure areas to prevent foot sores, infections and skin ulcers. They are often necessary for those with arthritic conditions such as rheumatoid or osteoarthritis.

Orthotics work well in most shoes but not all. If you wear orthotics, it is usually ok to go barefoot or to wear sandals, flip flops or high heels…but only for short periods of time when standing or walking. Often you will find the shoes that are most comfortable with orthotics and you will want to wear them as often as you can. Although everyone is different, prescription orthotics will often last up to 1 ½ shoe size changes in children and for adults they often last 2-6 years or more.


Insurance may cover part or all of the cost of orthotics and our orthotic specialists, Ella or Tina at the Westwood Foot Clinic, can find this information out for you. Although prescription orthotics typically cost much more than ordinary store bought shoe inserts, when your feet are healthier and pain free, it is worth every penny!

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