Neurogenx Neuropathy Treatment

A New Treatment & Solution for Neuropathy


In the past, there has been limited success in relief of neuropathy. Treatment consisted of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) units, “cold” lasers and an electrical modality known as Anodyne, but improvement is often minimal, temporary and can be very expensive (Anodyne can cost upwards of $2,000 or more!).

Currently, the most common treatment for neuropathy is with oral medications such as the anti-seizure medication Gabapentin, antidepressants or narcotics which help settle down or dulls nerve sensation. Unfortunately, these medications are not a cure and often have many undesirable side effects.


At the Westwood Foot Clinic we are fortunate to currently be the only medical clinic in the Twin Cities area to have a new treatment available for those suffering from nerve pain or neuropathy that really works!Nerve-Pain-Treatment

Neurogenx is an exciting, new FDA approved neuropathy treatment with clinically documented results showing an overall 80-85% success rate in alleviating neuropathy and neuropathic pain!

Treatment effects will often lasting 6-12 months or more with some requiring periodic treatment to maintain their level of relief. Treatment consists of an advanced Electronic Signaling Technology (EST), combined with a series of nerve blocks. This device is starting to be used effectively for several conditions in pain management clinics around the country.

At the Westwood Foot Clinic we are now able to treat your neuropathy and alleviate your pain and numbness with a high success rate. Our neuropathy treatment plan can help improve sensation, help reduce or eliminate your need for oral medications and help prevent complications of neuropathy… while improving your quality of life!


This New Neuropathy Treatment Is Now Available Exclusively At the Westwood Foot Clinic in Golden Valley, MN.

Who Can Benefit from Neurogenx Treatments?

Neurogenx is used to treat the numbness or pain that may be associated with diabetes, post-chemotherapy, neuromuscular pain or disease, restless leg syndrome, post-surgery, secondary to injury, fibromyalgia, some autoimmune diseases, post-drug and alcohol use, and idiopathic (unexplained) neuropathy.

Typical neuropathy symptoms in your feet, legs or hands that the Neurogenx Treatments can help include: numbness, decreased sensation, hypersensitivity, tingling, burning, stinging, abnormal sensations, shooting or electric-shock type pain, cotton or bunched up sock sensation in the balls of your feet, loss of balance or coordination and muscle weakness.

Who Won’t Benefit from Neurogenx Neuropathy Treatments?

There is minimal or no benefit from this treatment if the source of your neuropathy is present. This includes diabetics with poor control of blood sugars, pain caused by a bulging or ruptured disk that’s compressing a nerve, permanent nerve damage, currently on chemotherapy, taking certain medications or drugs that are causing your neuropathy. Also it cannot be used on patients who use electrical medical devices, such as an “on-demand” type pacemaker or defibrillator, implanted pain pumps or stimulators, or women who are currently pregnant.

How Does The Neurogenx Nerve Treatment Work?

A special Electrical Signal Treatment (EST) is applied via electrodes to your legs and feet (or arms and hands). This is combined with local anesthetic nerve blocks that helps drive the electrical stimulation into the nerves. This treatment not only helps stop neuropathy from getting worse, but actually improves nerve function in most patients with clinical studies showing an 80-85% success rate.

How Do I Know If Neurogenx Treatment is Right for Me?

At the Westwood Foot Clinic your initial neuropathy evaluation is about 45 minutes. During that time, we will explore the history of your condition, i.e. when it started, how often it bothers you, how it affects your life and other pertinent details.

The doctor will then examine your feet and ankles for pain, numbness and tingling, as well as strength and range of motion. A nerve biopsy may be performed to check the density of nerves in your feet. Lab tests may also be performed to look for any nutritional deficiencies or other underlying causes of your neuropathy.

If necessary, you may be referred to a neurologist for a full neurological evaluation before any treatment is started. We will then discuss your options, including whether you would be an ideal candidate for our treatment program.

What Should I Expect During My Treatment?

Treatments take place in the comfort of our office while reclined in a treatment chair. Each treatment consists of the placement of electrodes on your extremities for approximately 40 minutes to deliver electrical nerve stimulation by our Neurogenx unit. At every other treatment, the doctor will perform nerve blocks with a special anesthetic solution designed to work in conjunction with the nerve stimulator to enhance therapeutic effects. At each treatment, you will progress to a higher and deeper level of nerve stimulation. Also included with treatment are specific nutritional supplements that helps supports nerve health. Many patients experience immediate pain relief with continued improvement over a course of 8-12 treatments. You may need more or fewer treatments, depending on your particular response and the severity of your neuropathy.

How Can I Get Started With Neurogenx Neuropathy Treatments?

Call (763) 220-8985 or Click here to schedule an appointment at the Westwood Foot Clinic. Mention that you are interested in the Neurogenx neuropathy treatment and we will quickly schedule you for a complete evaluation with Dr. Silver to determine whether this treatment is right for you. If you are a good candidate for this treatment we will explain all details of treatment and get your treatments scheduled. Sometimes it is even possible to start treatment that same day.

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