Plantar Wart Treatment in Golden Valley, MN


Plantar warts are warts that grow on the plantar, or bottom surface, of the feet that can be ugly and embarrassing. They can become painful and multiply, spread to other parts of the body, and are also contagious to other family members.

Plantar warts are caused by a virus that can be found almost anywhere you walk barefoot, especially around locker rooms and swimming pool areas. Although anyone can get plantar warts, they are especially common on children’s feet as they go barefoot and exposed to the virus more often than adults. Warts grow between the layers of skin and on the bottom (or plantar surface) of our feet the skin is the thickest on our body. As a result, plantar warts are the most difficult type of wart to treat. Therefore, it is essential to have plantar warts treated as soon as possible. Putting off treatment will often result in more painful, extensive care that is more costly (both in time and money).


There are many topical medications sold in drug stores for wart treatment. These typically contain Salicylic Acid that eats away at the wart, but unfortunately the success rate is quite low. Another common treatment is to apply duct tape over the warts, but this rarely works.

For treatment of multiple warts or for young children, Dr. Thomas Silver applies of a strong acid to the warts (about 10 times stronger than store bought medications) that is very effective. Multiple warts often require multiple treatments, usually spaced 2-3 weeks apart. As an adjunct treatment of multiple or resistant warts for adolescent or teen patients, Dr. Silver has had good results by having patients take the medication Cimetidine (used for heartburn and peptic ulcers) along with a high dose of Vitamin A, a skin drying agent (20% formaldehyde or aluminum chloride solution) and rubbing Vitamin E oil and odorless garlic oil on the warts daily for up to 6 weeks.

For a single wart, small patch or just a few warts, Dr. Silver gently numbs the area with an anesthetic and performs an “excision/curettage/hyfrecation” procedure under magnification. Excised warts will require a bulky dressing for a few hours afterwards but you can shower by the next day. The treated areas are then keep covered with Band-Aids or Telfa pads (that we provide) until the area dries and scabs over. Discomfort after this treatment depends on the size and amount of warts treated and if they are directly under pressure areas such as the heel or ball of your foot.

Plantar warts are one of the more common foot problems treated by Dr. Thomas Silver at the Westwood Foot Clinic in Golden Valley, MN. Dr. Silver has a very high success rate with the methods he uses for his patients. “I know that my patient don’t want their wart treatment to be a long, drawn out, painful process. Therefore I will do everything I can to get rid of their warts as quickly as possible with the least amount of repeat visits”. Dr. Silver treats warts on the ankles, legs and hands too. He also treats skin growths (other than warts), dermatitis and other skin related foot problems.

If you or someone you care about has plantar warts, then it is necessary to make an appointment as soon as possible with Dr. Thomas Silver at the Westwood Foot Clinic in Golden Valley, MN.


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