Bunions: Causes and Treatment

A bunion is one of the most common big toe problems. A bunion is a large bump on the side of the big toe joint with the big toe leaning against the adjacent toe.

Contact our office if you experience any of the following:

  • Pain or soreness-especially over the bunion bump or in the joint.
  • Redness or inflammation-at the bunion bump or big toe.
  • Burning or numbness-usually from rotation of the big toe.
  • Calluses, sores, corns between the 1st and 2nd toes or ingrown toenails.

What are the Treatment Options for bunions?

It is important to seek treatment if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above. Even if these symptoms are not present but you can visibly see a bump forming on the side of your big toe, it is imperative to take precautionary action. The bigger your bunion gets, the more it will hurt to walk and bursitis or arthritis of the big toe joint may eventually set in. The angled big toe can force other toes out of alignment too and will often cause a hammertoe deformity of the adjacent toe. Bunions left untreated can also lead to chronic pain, arthritis and problems walking or enjoying the activities you enjoy the most. Avoid these painful and serious complications with proactive treatment. Depending on the severity of your condition, Dr. Silver can provide several treatment options:

  • Change in footwear: we have a full line of Dr. Comfort shoes available or we will make specific shoe recommendations.
  • Padding over the bunion to minimize pain: we carry several types of gel bunion cushions and toe spacers.
  • A cortisone injection: to reduce joint pain or bursitis.
  • Custom orthotics: to balance your feet and counter-act the forces that are causing your bunion.
  • Surgical correction of the bunion-if surgery is required, Dr. Silver can refer you to a doctor that specializes in the surgical correction of bunions.

Do not go through life with unnecessary bunion pain! Westwood Foot Clinic has the answers to keeping your feet healthy and pain-free.

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