Foot Silhouette 300x200If your toe is bent, curled, and hurts because of hard skin at the tip of it or rubs against the top of your shoes, then you may have a “claw toe.” A toe may bend and curl because of certain shoes, changes in the way you walk, weakness in your foot structure, or just because of the length or position of your toe.

A claw toe, similar to a hammertoe, mallet toe, or contracted toe, is often a progressive deformity that can worsen, causing the toe joints to become rigid and painful. As mentioned above, this deformity is often progressive, which means it gets worse over time. Claw toes start out flexible and may respond to conservative treatment, but when rigid and painful—they require more aggressive intervention.

The following are some action steps you can take to prevent and treat this common type of toe problem:

  • Wear shoes with lots of room for your toes to lie flat without being squeezed or squished.
  • Wear cushioned pads, gel toe covers, or moleskin to protect your toe and alleviate pain.
  • Tape the toe in a straight position or use toe straighteners, a device to hold a toe in place.
  • Custom-made prescription foot orthotics will support, stabilize, and balance your feet to prevent areas of pressure.
  • An in-office procedure will straighten a deformed toe.

A toe deformity is not something you should ignore. Conservative measures can be successful but surgical correction is often your only option. At the Westwood Foot Clinic, we can help you if your toes are changing shape and/or causing discomfort. Dr. Silver is one of the top specialists in the Minneapolis area for the treatment of clawed, hammered, bent and contracted toes. When a procedure to straighten a toe is necessary, it can often be done in the convenience of our clinic. The best part? You can walk out with the same regular shoes you came in with.

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