Corns and Calluses are two of the most common foot problems successfully treated by Dr. Thomas Silver at the Westwood Foot Clinic in Golden Valley, MN. We are the Twin Cities specialists in permanent, minimally invasive correction of corns & calluses.

Corns and Calluses can become very painful, interfering with activities and/or wearing shoes comfortably. They can also become a source of open sores or infection, especially with diabetes, arthritis or circulation problems.

What is a corn on the toe & what does it look like?

A corn is an area of hard skin that forms on a toe, typically on the top, sides or tip of the toe.

What causes a corn?

A corn is caused from pressure or friction against the toe. This can be from shoes or pressure of one toe against another. With chronic irritation, over time a point of bone can grow (bone spur), creating a chronic corn.

Do Corns have roots?

A deep core or root of a corn forms when there is a pin-point area of pressure against the skin on the toe.

Why do corns hurt?

The pressure on the toe from the hard skin of a corn can put pressure against a nerve or even cause the skin to abscess or break down.

Do corns go away on their own?

Corns can sometimes go away on their own if the pressure against the toe that is causing the corn is gone. This can be accomplished with wider, deeper or larger shoes, change of shoe style or wearing a corn pad or toe spacer.

How do you get rid of corns on your toes at home?

The following can help provide relief:

  • Wear a different size or style of shoes.
  • Stay away from any shoes that cause the corn to hurt.
  • Wear thicker socks.
  • Wear a toe spacer or corn pad.
  • Use store bought corn remover pads or liquids-these can work soften the skin so that the hard skin can be peeled off. *Note: this is rarely recommended, as using it too much can burn or blister the skin, causing even more pain & infection.

What happens if a corn is left untreated?

Some corns are just a minor nuisance but over time most corns become painful, especially with certain shoes or activities. The toe can become red, swollen & tender, possibly leading to skin breakdown or infection.

Can a corn be trimmed?

Occasionally a small corn can be trimmed at home, but this is not recommended as it’s too easy to cut yourself. It’s better to use a small file (such as a nail file) to gently buff down any hard skin. Those with poor circulation, severe arthritic deformities or other health problems may need to have their painful corns professionally trimmed on a regular basis for temporary relief, a service provided at the Westwood Foot Clinic. We also have special gel toe cushions, pads & spacers available, as well as special shoes that can take pressure off of the toes that’s causing the corns.

How do you permanently remove corns on toes?

At the Westwood Foot Clinic, we are specialists in getting rid of painful corns permanently with a minimally invasive in-office procedure. This involves numbing the area and removing the small piece of underlying bone that causes the corn. This is ideal for those on the go or for the elderly that can’t have more extensive traditional foot surgery.

If you have a painful corn we can determine the best treatment for you!

What is a callus?

A callus is an area of hard skin that can develop on the bottom or sides of the feet, most commonly found on the ball of the foot.

What causes a callus?

It is caused by increased pressure on the area from the underlying bone. This often comes from an imbalanced or weak foot structure causing you to pivot off one area of the bone or causing bones that shift or spread, creating pressure areas. As a result, hard skin will build up from the increased pressure to the area.

Can I cut off a callus?

Cutting a callus is not advised, as it is too easy to cut too deeply into the skin. A pumice pad or file can be used to gently buff off the hard skin. For those with poor circulation, severe arthritic deformities or other health problems, treatment at the Westwood Foot Clinic may consist of trimming painful calluses on a regular basis to provide temporary relief.

Do calluses have a core?

Some calluses will have a very deep, hard core from the skin getting squeezed between the bone and the ground or getting pushed against the shoe.

What removes calluses from feet?

A callus can be gently filed down along with use of callus pads for temporary relief. Cushioned soled shoes & cushioned socks can also help. For some, it may just require staying away from certain shoes, i.e. those with hard soles or that are too narrow. If a callus persists and is painful then permanent removal at the Westwood Foot Clinic is necessary.

How do you permanently remove calluses from feet?

  • Some calluses will go away with a change of shoes. We can make recommendations for the proper shoes & have special shoes available.
  • Some require realignment of the feet with prescription foot orthotics to prevent or reduce the pressure causing the callus.
  • Some calluses need permanent removal by a minimally invasive in-office procedure in which the underlying area of bony pressure is reduced. This often requires no stiches and most patients are in regular shoes shortly afterwards.

At the Westwood Foot Clinic, we are the specialists in getting rid of painful calluses permanently with a minimally invasive in-office procedure

We are often able to help those that already tried many things that only provided temporary or no relief for their painful corns or calluses.

callus before and aftercallus before and after

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