Q: How are prescription foot orthotics different from the arch supports that I can buy in the store?

A: Prescription foot orthotics are often necessary to correct foot problems. These are laboratory-made from impressions of your feet while being held in a corrected position. Orthotics can change your body’s posture, alignment and the way you walk. Rx orthotics can cause dramatic changes in both the position of your joints, as well as increase your muscle balance and stability. Your postural imbalance may be the underlying reason for your foot (ankle, knee, hip or back) problem(s) and the best way to alleviate this is to correct these imbalances with Rx foot orthotics. The goal of Rx orthotics is to increase your ability to walk, stand and run pain-free as well as preventing existing problems or changes in your feet (such as bunions or hammertoes) from getting worse.

Store bought arch supports are great if you need a cushioned insole or more arch support in your shoes. They can help prevent arch strain as well as feet sore, tired feet from work or sports. Arch supports have helped a lot of people, but when you have a foot problem and they haven’t helped enough, or not at all, then an evaluation is needed to see if you need Rx foot orthotics.

Contact the Westwood Foot Clinic in Golden Valley to be evaluated Dr. Thomas Silver to determine if your foot problem can be helped by prescription foot orthotics.

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