Dr. Silver specializes in the correction of many common painful foot problems
with Minimal Incision Foot Surgery.

What is Minimal Incision Surgery?

Minimal Invasive Foot SurgeMinimal incision foot surgery (MIS) is a specialized field of foot surgery using small dental type instruments through a small incision and often does not require any stitches. It can be ideal for correcting painful corns, calluses, protruding bones and bone spurs. It is also used to resolve some diabetic pressure ulcers. Patients can usually wear their regular casual or athletic shoes afterwards with a limited amount of down time from work or activities.

Does a doctor need special training to perform this type of surgery?

Dr. Thomas Silver at the Westwood Foot Clinic in Golden Valley, MN has attended many MIS training seminars and workshops over the years through the  Academy of Ambulatory Foot Surgery to receive the special training needed to perform minimal incision foot surgery. He is one of only a few podiatrists in Minnesota who performs this type of surgery and over the past 30+ years in practice has helped thousands of patients to get relief from their painful foot problems.

Are there any risks involved with minimal incision foot surgery?

toe correctionAny procedure involving a break in the skin runs the risk of infection, but since the incision is so small this risk is much less than with traditional foot surgery. Also similar to traditional foot surgery, there is always a small risk of results that are not as good as expected.

Is this type of surgery covered by my health insurance?

This is covered by most all insurance plans, as this is not a cosmetic procedure. Of course, you are still responsible for your insurance co-pay or deductible.

How to I know if MIS can help correct my foot problem?

According to Dr. Silver, minimal incision procedures are perfect for people leading active life styles with chronic painful corns, calluses or sore areas caused by enlarged or protruding bones. It is also great for older patients who can’t tolerate more extensive foot surgery and need to stay ambulatory. Dr. Silver has also used MIS procedures to cure chronic pressure ulcers on the feet of diabetics and those with poor circulation. Traditional foot surgery is often necessary to correct a foot problem, but minimal incision foot surgery has truly proven to be of great value for certain painful foot problems. The best way to find out if minimal incision foot surgery will help your foot problem is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Thomas Silver at the Westwood Foot Clinic in Golden Valley, MN.

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